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Are you lusting for better online results? In this blog, we’re discussing THE marketing trends of 2023 that will boost your e-commerce business. It’s crucial to use the latest marketing trends in your strategy to stay relevant and competitive in your current market. So, make sure you are prepared for 2023!

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SEO trends for SkyHigh results

Insider Google Ads trends

Social media trends to keep in mind

Further marketing trends not to ignore

SEO trends for Sky-High results

Google is constantly changing, so be alert to these changes! Noticing and applying them in time will be key to getting the best results.

Continuous scrolling for desktop

After the changes on mobile search pages, now Google Search on Desktop is changing: Google is rolling out continuous scrolling. In this new update, the "pages" disappear from Google results. Instead, you scroll through the search results until a heading "more" appears; around the old page 4.

Why? Google encourages users to look beyond the first 9 results. Plus, Google can put more ads on a page, which normally would end up on the next page. Whether most people will actually scroll further, we can't say yet. Therefore, it still is important to rank as high as possible for the important keywords for your business.

From writing for Google to writing for the searcher

For a long time, the trick was to write SEO texts that are indexable by Google. This trend is shifting. Google is starting to look more and more at unique and quality content written for the searcher. Does your website still have a lot of text crammed with keywords? Now is the time to do something about it.

Long tail keywords will become more important

Google will work with suggestions to complete your search, increasing suggestions to complete your search, which will increase the search volumes of long tail keywords. This makes it essential to include long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy.

These long tail keywords often better match the search behavior and intent (think "SEO specialist" instead of "SEO"). This will bring more qualitative and relevant traffic to your website.

Insider Google Ads trends

Our experienced Google Ads gurus have mapped out the most important trends for 2023 for you.

The development of Performance Max campaigns

The influence of Performance Max and automatic bidding strategies will continue to expand in 2023. In case you're not already aware; Google launched the Performance Max campaign type in 2022. This campaign type automates everything: display, video, text, Google Shopping as well as an automatic bidding strategy.

Super convenient, but this does make it less controllable for SEA specialists. Still, we see the use of these campaigns and automatic bidding strategies growing more and more. This will be even more important in 2023. This brings us right to the next point.

The importance of a good product feed

With automatic bidding strategies, it is crucial to maintain a good product feed. The better the input, the better you can optimize your bidding strategies.

Therefore, make sure you have strong and relevant product names and descriptions, good product photos, and clear categorization. Feed management tools will get you a long way, but it's always better to get it right from the start.

Creativity of ads input is more important than ever

As the focus shifts to Performance Max campaigns, creative input becomes more important. Performance Max requires good photos (including lifestyle). When working with guidelines for brand material, you don't want Google to create automated videos on its own.

Also, in Performance Max you have fewer headlines than with a responsive search ad, so the number of headlines you choose should be catchy.

Social media trends to keep in mind

You should definitely keep an eye on these social media trends and predictions!

The growing power of TikTok

TikTok keeps getting bigger, as you probably have noticed. We expect great growth for TikTok in 2023. Advertising options in the Netherlands continue to expand and TikTok's target audience continues to broaden. The number of users aged over 30 is increasing.

In addition, we are keeping an eye on TikTok because of its newest updates. With many TikTok employees in China having access to personal data, it is important to keep an eye on the implications. Will TikTok get a big fine, will the GDPR ban TikTok? We are following it closely.

Is Twitter a sinking ship?

"Is Twitter Dying?" wondered Elon Musk in April. Since his takeover in November, this question has become increasingly topical. The number of users on Twitter is declining and the sale of Twitter verification (blue check marks) went completely awry. Many experts wonder if Twitter is still a safe and reliable platform. This will have to be proven in 2023.

It all remains to be seen, but Twitter's power is certainly waning. For those still searching for alternatives to Twitter? The most frequently mentioned alternative at the moment is Mastodon.

Further marketing trends not to ignore


Attribution and conversion tracking

We saw it happen (finally) in 2022: the “last-click” attribution models are slowly disappearing. The marketing process is more complicated than ever, making linking conversions to the last click unfair and too short-sighted. Throughout 2023, this shift will continue. Slowly the attribution models of Google Ads are being switched to data-driven models. In addition, in the new Google Analytics (GA4), the data-driven model is the norm.

Want to learn more about data-driven attribution? We’re sure this blog can help you out!

Along with the shifts in attribution, conversion tracking is also going on the upswing. European privacy laws require 3rd party cookies to disappear. This will make it harder to measure which channels contributed to conversions and create personalized ads…. We already noticed this in 2022 with the results that Meta could give regarding conversions generated by Facebook and Instagram ads, but this will have even more consequences in 2023, for other tools as well. What consequences will this shift have in 2023 for Google Ads, Bing Ads and the various advertising opportunities on social media platforms? We will follow it closely and keep you informed.

From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

From June 2023 Universal Analytics will no longer collect data. Haven't you created a GA4 property yet? You should as soon as possible! By doing so, you are already collecting historical data.

This way you make sure that enough data is coming in, and you can still collect data with Universal Analytics as a failsafe.

ChatGPT and AI

A hot topic in the marketing world: the ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot. AI programs such as Dall E2, Lensa and RunawayML are capable of creating texts, images, portraits, and movie clips within seconds which are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Among other things, ChatGPT can create a full text with a few keywords. In addition, it can even write scripts and code. Will this make the work of copywriters, developers, and marketers easier or even redundant? It's an interesting trend to stay on top of in 2023!

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