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Google has recently enabled businesses to directly add links to their social media profiles to their Google Business pages. This allows entrepreneurs to enhance visibility across various Google services. Are you an entrepreneur? We've explained the update specifically for you below.

What is Google My Business?

With Google My Business, a free service from Google, you can manage your company's online visibility on the Google search engine and Google Maps. By using Google My Business effectively, you can put your company on the map (locally). In the Google My Business environment, you can update your business information, manage reviews, add images, and provide updates about your company.

What does the new feature on Google My Business look like?

With the new feature, you have the option to add links of your social media accounts to your Google My Business page. One link is allowed for each social media platform. This way, you can benefit from improved visibility within the Google environment. You can see what the update looks like in the attached image.


Why did Google add this feature?

The addition of this feature provides you with an extra tool to optimize your online visibility within Google My Business. Nowadays, customers expect business information, such as website, phone number, and social media channels, to be easily accessible. Google recognizes that business updates often appear on social media before they appear on a company's website or through a Google business update. By adding this feature, all this business information is consolidated in one place, making communication and information provision more efficient.
Implementation of the feature

Google's update article highlights that businesses can now choose which social media links are visible on their business page. In the past, social media links were sometimes added automatically, especially for large companies, without their input.

The supported platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.

While this update is being rolled out gradually and may not initially be available to everyone, it is expected to become widely available soon. As shown in the photos, the feature is already available to us.


Here's how to make the most of the new option!

Do you want to use the new option as well? Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to your business profile;
  2. Click on Edit profile;
  3. Scroll down until you come across Social Media profiles;
  4. Then select the platforms and add the respective URLs;
  5. Click Save. Your social media profiles have now been added!


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