First of all: Happy new year! πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

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(Unfortunately no fireworks show to end the year in 2020 … so here’s a digital fireworks show from us for you πŸ˜‰)

2020 was the year that things turned out slightly different for everyone than we had expected at the beginning of the year. The arrival of the Covid-19 virus made the year difficult for many, including us.

But we did not give up, on the contrary. 2020 was also the year that GMU experienced a lot of growth and fun events, which enabled us to close the year positively. Read on for a review of the past year with key events at GMU. 2020 was the year that …

GMU went to work from home

A measure that we unfortunately also had to take is that we had to work from home. A big change that took some time to swallow. GMU is a nice young team that, in addition to hard work, also loves a lot of fun.

But we put our shoulders to the wheel and we made the best of it. And guess what? Many of us think working from home is not so bad, because in addition to the fact that we really miss the fun, working from home also has its advantages!

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(What do we think is the greatest benefit about working from home? Working in bed in pajamas 😎)

GMU grew with customers

In 2020 we further expanded our SEO and Social department, for which we hired our first specialists in 2019. It was a great success: GMU grew with the number of customers in our SEO, SEA and Social departments! πŸŽ‰

We are of course very happy with all our customers. We achieved fantastic results in 2020. We are proud of our portfolio that we have further built up in 2020. Customers all with their own specialisms, wishes and requirements, for which we are happy to use our knowledge, passion and expertise. On to another great year!

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GMU grew with employees

Due to the growth in the number of customers, we naturally also needed more employees! Where we started the year with 18 specialists, we end the year with 40 specialistsπŸ€“.

We hired specialists with years of experience, but we also trained young people through the β€˜Startersbeurs’ to become real junior specialists. After a successful six-month process, many have been offered a contract with GMU. We are of course very proud of this.

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(And … the more souls, the more joy!)

GMU was nominated for a Young Entrepreneur Award

The highlight of 2020 was our nomination for β€˜De Jonge Ondernemersprijs van het Noorden’. We ended up in the semi-finals. A camera crew came by to film our pitch, in which we answered the question why we had to win the Young Entrepreneurs Award. View the GMU pitch here (in Dutch):

Our competitors were all very good. Unfortunately we didn’t win in the end, but it was a great honor to be nominated!

GMU and the FD Gazelles

Another big highlight: GMU was in the list of the 2020 FD Gazelles! The awards for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, one of the most prestigious entrepreneurial awards in the Netherlands.

The nominees all made a profit in the last year and grew at least 20% in revenue from 2017 to 2019. The average growth was 67%. In 2020 there were 772 FD Gazelles. We ended up in an admirable 23rd place! View the list here.

2021 will be the year that GMU…

… Hopefully can help even more e-commerce entrepreneurs with our services. And that we can continue to surprise our current customers with successes. That we can welcome new employees to our warm team. And that we finally will be able to celebrate our successes together (for real!).

So unpredictable that 2020 was, we hope in 2021 for more health and happiness for everyone!

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