Growth, Innovation & Ambition coorperations

Proud of our Collaborations

Years ago started as an ambitious start-up. A couple years later we have grown to an international succesfull and innovative online marketing agency. By Coorperate with different other agencies and organisations we can keep developing our expertise and our compagny. We have collaborations with:

Collaborating with Startersbeurs Nederland


With ‘Startersbeurs Nederland’ we offer ambitious youngsters a save learning and working environment consisting of 32h workweeks for a period of 6 months. These Young professionals have fully graduated but did not get the change to enter the labor market or wanted retraining into online marketing. Within these 6 months these young professionals will develop a multiple online marketing skills and other competences. GMU has offered multiple workplaces to ambitious starters. We even offered permanent workplaces for a couple of our trainees. 

Software developtment

SNN-Nederland & European Union


With ‘Versneller Innovatieve Ambities’ (VIA plus 2018) we develop software for local entrepreneurs. These collaberation is established through SNN-Nederland and is supported by the European Union. For the upcoming 18 months we develop and programm a Customer Live-time Value Model and Data-forecasting software, both to create valuable data for local businesses and give them the opportunity to grow. 

We educate professionals

We are a recognized training company 

Businesses and education working together in SBB to educate students in a workenviroment and give them the best possible future job prespective. We train and develop these young professionals through an internship or apprenticeship.

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