Sales is the natural cause of informing your customers accurately

Weids Wonen’s story is a story of slowly building a business, seeing opportunities and taking them. Not being afraid of getting down to business and leading your team. 

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Up until 2020 René was also responsible for all online marketing efforts. But the company grew so quickly that he had no time to also effectively manage all of Google Ads. This was where GMU started working with Weids Wonen. But GMU doesn’t like focusing on one challenge. To get the best possible results it’s important to look beyond Google Ads. Together with Weids Wonen we created a strategy where we combine SEA (Google Ads) and SEO (Google Organic results). We already have great results, but the challenge never ends.

Weids Wonen values innovation, especially when focusing on new technologies. That’s why GMU is working on optimising the website for voice search. Weids Wonen is also working on remarketing.

“What I find difficult with remarketing is that you don’t want to be a nuisance. Informing customers or leads at the right time is more important to me than getting sales. Sales is a logical conclusion to providing the right information.”


GMU helps Weids Wonen to only provide remarketing when it’s possible to offer this service in a logical and good way.




Weids Wonen & Slapen started as a local store. My father owned the business for over 40 years. To gain more popularity in the region he would often go to trade fairs, but when the crisis hit these all started becoming less successful. He decided to scale down his workload and eventually decided to retire. That’s when René took over and decided to also start selling online. He built a webshop and while he was building the shop customers already started ordering products. This is when Weids Wonen 2.0 started. Now it’s a specialty store that’s gone national.” 



Search Engine Advertisement (SEA)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“If you want to have a webshop you have to go the whole nine yards. Otherwise you’re better off standing on a local market during a sales period.”



A good combination of SEA and SEO is the secret formula for the good results that GMU has achieved for Weids Wonen & Slapen so far.


Google Ads is used to provide valued traffic that also converts to sales. With SEO GMU is creating an online marketing presence that’s focused on the future. By optimising texts for specific keywords and spreading content and links on relevant websites GMU is building an online presence for Weids Wonen.


René also acknowledges the benefit of this mixed approach. “The good thing about SEO is that it’s results in the long term. You invest some money now, but you’re not paying for every click.”

“Growing this much within a year is something I never dreamed of”




Because of the increase in organic traffic Weids Wonen is now saving over €1.000 per month on Google Ads. Within three months there was an increase in organic traffic of over 900 percent. Apart from that there is a higher revenue with only a third of the Google Ads costs. GMU hasn’t only helped René by reducing his workload but with our tailored strategy we are also achieving great results.



within 3 months




“I value staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments”



Expanding is something Weids Wonen is great at. A new location of over 3600 m² has just been purchased to be able to cope with the ever increasing demand. The last location was only in use for three years. René enjoys the success but doesn’t want to expand abroad. “My ambitions are mostly on the social side of business. I want to create workplaces for young adults who have disabilities. There are too few of these workplaces available.  A short term goal is to create a higher packaging volume. So I can hire a few people on a part-time basis to prepare the orders for shipping. 


I also want to create our own pillows and offer opportunities in that regard as well. I would also like to create a learning environment in our store. That gives people with a disability the opportunity to also learn how to sell products.


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